Tradeshow Application

Dear Terrace Community Members and Business Partners,

We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show! Mark your calendars for April 26-27, 2024, as we gear up for an extraordinary showcase of local businesses, innovation, and community engagement.

After a hiatus, we're excited to revive this cherished event that serves as a cornerstone for networking, collaboration, and economic growth within our community. The Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show has long been a platform for businesses to connect with customers, explore new opportunities, and showcase their products and services.

This year's Trade Show promises to be bigger and better than ever before, featuring an impressive lineup of exhibitors spanning various industries, exciting demonstrations, and plenty of networking opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding startup, or a curious community member eager to explore what our local businesses have to offer, there will be something for everyone at the Trade Show.

As we prepare for this momentous occasion, we invite businesses of all sizes and sectors to participate and showcase their offerings to our vibrant community. Exhibitor registration is now open here on our website, so secure your spot before it is taken.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, partners, and community members whose unwavering support has made the return of the Trade Show possible. Your commitment to the economic vitality and prosperity of Terrace is truly commendable, and we look forward to celebrating our collective achievements at this signature event.

Save the dates, spread the word, and get ready to experience the excitement of the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show on April 26-27, 2024! Together, let's make this year's event a resounding success and showcase the strength and resilience of our local business community.

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Booth Allocation

The Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce will do their best to accommodate booth locations from 2023.

Booth Number Requested:

Booth space will only be allocated once your signed Application & Agreement, Rules & Regulations and payment have been received.

The following items will be included with your 10’ X 10’ booth:

  • One 1000 watt duplex electrical outlet
  • One 8’ draped table and two chairs
  • 8’ high back wall drapery
  • 4’ sidewall drapery between booths


Should you require additional power, different sized tables, carpet in your booth area, additional items, contact Central Display at  250-561-7477 to order.


Payment Information

Please Ensure to select whether you are a chamber member or not. All applications will be checked against records and will be pending until accepted. All Payments must be completed online via credit card. If you have any questions, please e-mail

No payment items has been selected yet
  1. “SHOW MANAGEMENT” as used refers to the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce (TDCC) & organizing partners and its employees and agents.
  2. CONTRACT FOR SPACE RENTAL – This request for space, the notice of acceptance and space assignment by the TDCC, shall form a valid contract. If they do not receive payment within the prescribed time limit, the contract is considered void and they will reassign the space to another applicant. They will make no refund for space that is not used during any portion of the Show hours. Should space remain unoccupied two hours before the opening of the show, Show Management may rent it for other purposes without obligation of a refund.
  3. ALLOTMENT OF SPACE – The allotment of space will be at the discretion of Show Management. In all cases the Show Management reserves the right to reject or accept conditional applications at any time.
  4. USE OF SPACE – The space contracted for is to be used solely for the Exhibitor whose name appears on the application/contract and only for those products as listed on the application/contract. The Exhibitor agrees the allotted space shall not be assigned, shared, subleased in whole or in part except by WRITTEN approval of Show Management.
  5. BOOTH SET UP TIMES - Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday, April 26, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Exhibitors must agree to have their booth ready for 1 p.m. Friday, April 26, 2024. This will give Show Services time to complete set up and vacuum any debris. Exhibitors must agree that show tear down will not start before closing at 5:00 p.m. Saturday, April 27, 2024.
  6. PAYMENT SCHEDULE & SPACE CANCELLATION – Upon acceptance of the application/contract by Show Management, it shall be a legal and binding contract between the Exhibitor and the TDCC, providing that either party may cancel this contract on condition the

    WRITTEN NOTICE of such cancellation is received by the remaining party on or before the schedule herein outlined. One hundred percent (100%) of the total exhibit space rental fee must be paid by March 29, 2024.


Chamber members receive $100.00 discount.

If full payment is received by Thursday, February 29, 2024, members and non-members receive a $50.00 early-bird discount.

Full payment is required by March 29, 2024.     50 % refund if cancelled prior to March 29, 2024.


Charges will apply uniformly and will apply whether or not the space can be resold.

  1. STAFFING OF EXHIBITS – Exhibits will be manned by agents of the Exhibitor during all times when the Show is officially open. Friday 3pm—8pm , Saturday 10am—5pm. Frequent or flagrant violations of this regulation can result in the Exhibitor being barred from participation in future shows.
  2. DAMAGE & LIABILITY – The Exhibitor is responsible for all damages caused by them to the Exhibit Facility, Show Property or Display Equipment. The Exhibitor is responsible for all damage caused whatsoever and shall become financially responsible to the Exhibit Facility, Show Management or Display Company. Show Management assumes no liability for loss or damage through any cause of goods, exhibits or other materials owned, rented or leased by the exhibitor. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Facility Management, Show Management and/or the Display Company against, and hold them harmless from, any complaints, suits or liabilities resulting from negligence of the Exhibitor in connection with the Exhibitors use of display space. Please be aware that each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining insurance to cover their personnel, exhibit material and their equipment for the duration of the move-in, show days and move-out times. This insurance must cover public liability, property damage, fire and theft losses of every kind and description in the amount of $3,000,000.00. The TDCC will not accept liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or injury caused to anyone or anything by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor shall be liable for any damage inflicted by them to the exhibition facility. THE TERRACE & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND THE CITY OF TERRACE MUST BE NAMED “ADDITIONAL INSURED.” PROOF OF INSURANCE MUST BE SENT WITH YOUR BOOTH SPACE APPLICATION/CONTRACT.
  3. RESTRICTIONS – Show Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits which because of noise, method of operation, creation of safety hazards or any other reason become objectionable or otherwise distract from or are out of keeping with the character of the Show as a whole. Booths must be manned at all time during official show hours. Booths must be maintained in a neat and orderly manner throughout the Show. Preparation and/or serving of food or beverage of any kind with out permission of Show Management are prohibited. Serving of alcoholic beverages on the exhibit floor is in violation of the Liquor Control Act. Food or beverage exhibitors MUST contact the local Health Inspector at least two weeks prior to the Show. Show Management may forbid any installation or activity which, if continued, departs substantially from the purpose and character of the Show. In the event it becomes necessary to restrict any installation or activity or to evict an offending Exhibitor, Show Management is not liable for any refund of exhibit space rental or any other expenses incurred by the Exhibitor.
  4. INTERPRETATION & ENFORCEMENT – Show Management rests with the TDCC. These conditions of the contract, display rules and regulations, become part of the contract between the Exhibitor and Show Management. Show Management has full power of interpretation and enforcement of these rules and may amend them at any time. All matters in question not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of Show Management, and decisions so made shall be binding on all parties affected by them as by the original regulations. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor or his designated representative to familiarize himself with all rules and regulations since ignorance of the rules is not acceptable reason for failure to comply. Exhibitors or their representatives who fail to observe these conditions of contract or who, in the opinion of Show Management, conduct themselves unethically may be dismissed from the exhibit without refund or other appeal.