November 17, 2023

People in B.C. to benefit from healthier, stronger communities through boost to non-profits

People in B.C. will benefit from community support, arts and culture services, and support to find affordable housing, as the Province provides additional grants for non-profit organizations building healthier, more inclusive and stronger communities.

“The work done by our province’s non-profits reflects some of the most important ways British Columbians show up for each other in tough times,” said Premier David Eby. “That’s why our government is supporting non-profits, so they can support people struggling with challenges like global inflation, homelessness and addiction. We are committed to make sure British Columbians can count on their services for years to come.”

Premier Eby announced $60 million to help non-profit organizations do their crucial work on Oct. 30, which is being declared Non-Profit Recognition Day. The Vancouver Foundation will disperse the grants to eligible organizations.

Four separate types of organizations will be supported by this new funding: B.C.’s community foundations; large, multi-service “lighthouse organizations” with provincial or regional footprints; small local non-profits affected by the pandemic; and organizations run by and supporting people in the Indigenous, Black and people of colour (IBPOC) community.

“Non-profits are the face of social supports, poverty reduction, and community empowerment in B.C.,” said Megan Dykeman, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-Profits. “Non-Profit Recognition Day is another key step in celebrating and supporting the non-profits that people in British Columbia rely on. We will continue to take action to create conditions for our partners to sustain and grow. Together, we can deliver better services.”  

Non-profits have helped the B.C. government deliver its priorities, including delivering affordable and supportive housing, addressing homelessness, ensuring food security, and advancing Indigenous and racial justice. Fostering and maintaining strong partnerships with non-profits is an important part of the government’s mandate.

“As British Columbians face increasing economic challenges, this new funding will make a difference to charities and non-profits doing critical work that local communities count on,” said Kevin McCort, president and CEO, Vancouver Foundation. “We at Vancouver Foundation are grateful to the Government of B.C. for making charities and non-profits a priority.”

The announcement comes more than 18 months after the Province, in partnership with Vancouver Foundation, New Relationship Trust and the United Way, allocated $34 million for small community organizations hit by the pandemic. The funding, announced in 2022, went to more than 144 small non-profits.

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