January 24, 2024

Funding Opportunities & Program Updates_January 23 2024

1). Reminder: Critical Minerals Infrastructure Program

A webinar was scheduled last week from this funder, to review the current call for proposals. I have attached a PowerPoint deck from this session, as well as useful links for your review.
Note this fund has an accelerated timeframe. For this first call for proposals, applications will be accepted until February 29, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Who can apply

  • Legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada, including for-profit and not-for-profit organizations such as companies and industry associations
  • Provincial, territorial and municipal governments, and related organizations, including:
    • provincial Crown corporations
    • public utilities
    • ports established under a provincial or territorial statute or regulation
  • Indigenous groups, including:
    • Indigenous communities or governments
    • tribal councils or entities that fulfill a similar function (e.g., general council)
    • national and regional Indigenous councils and tribal organizations
    • Indigenous (majority-owned and -controlled by Indigenous Peoples) for-profit and not-for-profit organizations

Useful Links:

2).  Reminder: Upcoming intake for the First Nations Clean Energy for Business Fund

This fund has an intake opening in April.

The First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund (FNCEBF) promotes increased Indigenous community participation in the clean energy sector within their asserted traditional territories and treaty areas.

Fund eligibility criteria restricts applicants to Indigenous communities in British Columbia falling into one of the following categories:

  • A First Nation “band” as defined by the Indian Act (Canada);
  • An Indigenous governing body, however organized and established by Indigenous peoples.
  • In addition, the proposed project must be located in British Columbia.

If you have an enquiries regarding this fund, the following contact as well as general inbox can assist you.

See link for more information: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/environment/natural-resource-stewardship/consulting-with-first-nations/first-nations-clean-energy-business-fund

3). Community Opportunity Readiness Program

The first intake for the CORP program opens March 1, 2024.  All funding is on-going until funds are exhausted.

The CORP provides project-based funding for First Nation and Inuit Communities for a range of activities to support communities' pursuit of economic opportunities. Where First Nation and Inuit communities, or their representative organizations, identify opportunities and lack the financial resources to pursue them, the CORP will allow them to submit proposals to seek additional funding.

The CORP is expected to increase economic development by providing proposal based financial support to First Nation and Inuit Communities to assist in their pursuit of, and participation in, economic opportunities. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) assesses proposals based on their immediate or future ability to attract private sector funding and on their community economic impacts, and supports projects that will leverage the most from other funding sources, including the private sector, and that will have the greatest impact on their community.

Eligible recipients are:

  • First Nation and Inuit communities and their governments, including Tribal Councils
  • organizations and associations controlled by First Nation and Inuit communities, except for those with charitable or religious purposes
  • Non-Indigenous organizations and associations, except for those with charitable or religious purposes, who plan to provide economic development services for the benefit of First Nation and Inuit communities
  • The Province of Ontario, in relation to the Canada-Ontario Resource Development Agreement
  • The Minister may, in exceptional circumstances, make contributions with respect to Indigenous business development to other recipients for projects having a significant impact on First Nation and Inuit Business Development

Any non-Indigenous organization or association seeking financial assistance under the CORP will require approval from the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board (NAEBD) prior to ISC project approval.
For any program enquiries please contact the following:

Liam Aylen

Economic Development Officer, Lands and Economic Development, 🍁 BC Region
liam.aylen@sac-isc.gc.ca | Cel: 236-335-2941

See the program link for more information: https://www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1100100033417/1613659339457

4). Reminder: Northern Development Initiative Trust

The NDIT’s Community Development Suite of programs are accepting applications until January 31st, 2024.
Check out their website for further information regarding these programs.

See the following links:

Eligible applicants: Local Governments, Registered First Nations Bands, Registered Not-for-Profits & Wholly Owned First Nation Development Corporations.