Our Team

The Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce is led by a highly capable executive director who plays a crucial role in managing the day-to-day operations of the organization. With their expertise and experience, the executive director ensures that the Chamber runs smoothly and efficiently. They are responsible for coordinating various activities, such as organizing events, facilitating networking opportunities, and promoting economic growth within the community. Their leadership and guidance enable the Chamber to effectively support and advocate for the local business community.

Backing the executive director is a diverse and dedicated board of business professionals. Comprised of individuals with a wide range of expertise and industry backgrounds, the board brings valuable insights and perspectives to the table. They work collaboratively with the executive director to set strategic goals, establish policies, and make informed decisions that benefit the Chamber's members and the community at large. The board members actively contribute their time, knowledge, and resources to support the Chamber's initiatives, ensuring that the interests and concerns of the local business community are well-represented. Together, the executive director and the board form a dynamic leadership team, committed to fostering economic growth, fostering connections, and enhancing the overall business environment in the Terrace and  area.

Our Staff

Heidi Asgar

Executive Director

Christian Catian

Events Coordinator/Office Administrator

Our Board Members

Josh Papke


Jared MacInnis

Vice President

Scott Pearson


Tom Keller

Past President

Bruce Champion


Adam Poole


Mike Jones