January 3, 2024

BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund

The BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) will help manufacturing companies modernize, innovate, and grow by providing funding for capital projects in all regions in B.C., particularly in communities affected by economic impacts or downturns. 

The program welcomes applications from all manufacturing sectors. There will be a particular focus on helping the forestry sector retrofit and develop new, sustainable value-added business lines that reduce dependency on old growth logging and make innovative use of biomaterials.

Program Overview

This program reflects the Province's ongoing commitment to promote economic diversification and complements other supports for forestry workers and rural communities

MJF will invest up to $180 million in manufacturing projects throughout B.C.

The program will begin accepting proposals on February 28, 2023 and will remain open to proposals for approximately two years, or until all funds are allocated. 

Program Goals:

  • Invest in high-value, high-growth manufacturing sectors
  • Contribute to clean, inclusive growth and economic resilience and diversification, particularly in regional and Indigenous communities  
  • Support innovation and sustainability in the forestry value-added sector
  • Create and maintain long-term well-paying jobs
  • Help companies leverage other funding sources and bring investment into B.C. 
  • Boost productivity, strengthen supply chains and drive competitiveness in domestic and international markets

The Program Guide provides additional information about the program and application process. 

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